Respite Care in Willards, MD

A primary caregiver has many responsibilities to the senior they care for, but at times these responsibilities can become too much. Even when neither party wants to make the move to assisted living, breaks are important for maintaining mental health. Likewise, an injury or illness can increase a senior’s need for care beyond what that primary caregiver feels capable of providing.

When you need a little help, Chesapeake Manor’s respite care services can take the weight off your shoulders.

What Is Respite Care?

While most people think of assisted living as a permanent decision, this isn’t the case. With respite care, a senior can stay at an assisted living facility for a matter of days or weeks. In doing so, you can count on high-quality, short-term care without having to commit to an indefinite stay at a facility. If a senior’s support needs exceed what their primary caregiver is capable of, respite care is an ideal solution.

Reasons To Use Respite Care

There are many cases where you might want to consider respite care, ranging from giving a caregiver a break to dealing with rehabilitation.

Receive Constant Support After an Injury

While a primary caregiver might find it easy to keep up with a senior’s usual needs, hospital recovery can be much more taxing. When a senior temporarily needs a higher level of care, respite care is a suitable solution. At Chesapeake Manor, we have a doctor on call and are ready to meet the needs of any guest for as much time as needed.

Give a Primary Caregiver a Break

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time, but elderly individuals often need nonstop support. It’s not good for either party if the caregiver never has a few days or weeks off. With respite care, you can ensure that the cared-for person has a high standard of support during a caregiver’s downtime.

Take a Trial Run of an Assisted Living Facility

No one wants to send their loved one to an assisted living facility without being absolutely confident in its quality of services. If you’re thinking of making the move to permanent assisted living, respite care stays can go a long way in helping you find peace of mind. With a few weeks of residence, the guest will have a good idea of what the facility is like and will have had time to socialize and make friends.

By the end of the respite care stay, you’ll be able to make a more informed judgment about whether our facility is right for you.