Levels of Care Offered at Chesapeake Manor

At Chesapeake Manor, we offer various levels of care based on the changing needs of each of our residents. The levels of care in an assisted living facility refer to the extent and type of assistance a resident requires to perform activities of daily living. Our personalized approach to care ensures every resident has the support they need to thrive, and our high staff-to-resident ratio allows us to prioritize our residents’ health, happiness and overall well-being.

Lower Levels of Assisted Living Care

Residents who need minimal assistance with activities of daily living tend to be extremely independent. We encourage their independence while reassuring them that we’re here for them if they need us. These residents move under their own power, even if they need assistance from a walker or wheelchair. Residents needing lower levels of assisted living care also typically have little to no memory loss.

Our staff offers these residents assistance with bathing, but the resident can usually complete most of their other daily hygiene tasks themselves. We also have caregivers on staff who can administer medications, perform blood sugar level checks or assist in any other related areas a resident needs help with.

Higher Levels of Assisted Living Care

Residents who require a bit more assistance than what’s provided in the lower level of assisted living care may benefit from a higher level of care. At this level, our caregivers can provide help with mobility and all the activities of daily living, including bathing, grooming and other personal hygiene tasks, plus dressing or undressing, eating, transferring from/to a bed or wheelchair, using the toilet and maintaining continence.

Our staff can also closely monitor residents with medical conditions to ensure they receive the appropriate medication, care and rehabilitation they need. Our higher level of assisted care is also provided to residents with memory loss who need help with communication and other memory-related activities and needs.