Assisted Living Near Pittsville, Maryland

16 Private Suites
1:8 Staff-to-Resident Ratio
24/7 Registered Nurse and Care Available

Chesapeake Manor offers personalized support to seniors, giving families extra peace of mind as they make care plans for their loved ones. We strive to create a supportive and compassionate environment for older adults, ensuring they maintain as much independence as possible without compromising their physical or mental health.

Discover why Chesapeake Manor is the best option for assisted living near Pittsville, Maryland.

Tailored Care for Every Senior in Our Assisted Living Facility

Some assisted living facilities follow standardized care plans, which may not meet the unique needs of residents. At Chesapeake Manor, we’re dedicated to providing personalized services. When a new resident arrives, staff members create a care plan based on their physical, social, emotional and psychological needs.

Chesapeake Manor also has a low staff-to-resident ratio, making it easier for staff to learn each resident’s preferences. This personalized approach ensures every person feels understood and valued.

Our assisted living program includes personal care, assistance with daily activities and medication management to help seniors manage their chronic health conditions and reduce the risk of complications. Like Catered Living at Ocean Pines, our sister community, Chesapeake Manor offers an elegant environment near the beach, making it more like a private retreat than an assisted living facility.

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Memory Care at Chesapeake Manor: A Safe Haven for Residents With Dementia

Over time, seniors may develop Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia, making it unsafe for them to stay in their own homes. In addition to its assisted living program, Chesapeake Manor serves as a memory care facility for these seniors. Unlike traditional memory care facilities, we offer a homelike physical environment for older adults with cognitive decline.

Staff receive specialized training in meeting the unique needs of seniors with dementia, making high-quality memory care more accessible in Willards, Pittsville and other Wicomico County communities. We also prioritize safety and security to reduce the risk of injuries associated with wandering and other dementia symptoms.

Its beautiful setting sets Chesapeake Manor apart from other memory care homes. Seniors have access to paved walking paths, relaxing common areas and other features designed to create consistency. As a result, our memory care facility gives seniors a sense of comfort.

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Respite Care Services: Providing Relief for Family Caregivers

Seniors who have a primary caregiver may be able to stay at home or live with family members rather than in an assisted living facility. Caregiving isn’t always easy, however, so Chesapeake Manor also offers high-quality respite care services.

If you perform caregiving duties for a family member, you may need some time off to care for children, finish a big project at work or just relax for a few weeks. Respite care offers a much-needed break for family members who’ve been putting aside their own needs to care for an older loved one.

Respite care also ensures older adults continue to receive medical care and personal assistance based on their unique needs. Even if your loved one doesn’t need an assisted living community or a memory care unit full-time, they can benefit from having health care professionals available to address any acute medical issues.

Compassionate End-of-Life Care at Chesapeake Manor

Some seniors need more than personal care, mental stimulation and help with activities of daily living. For example, an older adult with a life-limiting illness may need high-quality end-of-life care. Unlike many residential facilities, Chesapeake Manor offers end-of-life care to enhance seniors’ dignity and comfort.

At Chesapeake Manor, individuals with life-limiting illnesses receive personalized health services, help with activities of daily living, nutritious meals and other forms of senior care. The staff also gives much-needed support to the families of seniors with illnesses that may cause pain and fatigue. The specialized care available at Chesapeake Manor eases physical and emotional pain at a difficult time, making it a valuable resource for local families.

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Holistic Senior Living: Nurturing Body, Mind, and Spirit

Chesapeake Manor is different from standard assisted living communities. We take a holistic approach to senior living, which means we consider the whole person when developing care plans. To help seniors maintain their social well-being, we encourage families to visit as often as possible. We also offer many opportunities to socialize with other residents.

In addition to other assisted living benefits, Chesapeake Manor offers a homelike environment where seniors can feel free to be themselves. Residents can choose to spend time in the dining area or eat in their suite if they need some time alone. We also have a full activities program designed to encourage engagement, stimulate residents mentally and physically and create a sense of community. Staff also strive to address residents’ emotional and spiritual needs.

Building Connections in Our Assisted Living Community

Our long-term care community offers ongoing opportunities to forge meaningful connections and experience a true sense of belonging. Even if seniors require a little bit of assistance to get through the day, they can still build relationships and stay engaged.

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Discover the Chesapeake Manor Difference in Assisted Living

Chesapeake Manor offers several types of long-term care near Pittsville, Maryland. This lets residents age in place as their needs change. No matter which residential care option you need now, you can rest easy knowing that we cater to the diverse needs of our residents. Staff also take a compassionate approach to assisted living, memory care, respite care and end-of-life care. We invite you to discover the Chesapeake Manor difference.

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Whether you’re a caregiver or a senior who needs help with dementia and other aspects of aging, Chesapeake Manor is the best place to receive care. Schedule a tour to learn more about our caring community.

Chesapeake Manor Assisted Living offers senior care to the following areas:

Worcester County Maryland
  • Ocean Pines, MD

  • Ocean City, MD

  • Whaleyville, MD

  • Showell, MD

  • Bishop, MD

  • Bishopville, MD

  • Sinepuxant, MD

  • Newark, MD

  • Cedartown, MD

  • Snow Hill, MD

  • Pocomoke City, MD

Sussex County Delaware
  • Delmar, DE

  • Selbyville, DE

  • Williamsville, DE

  • Fenwick Island, DE

  • Bethany Beach, DE

  • Ocean View, DE

  • Frankford, DE

  • Dagsboro, DE

  • Millsboro, DE

  • Bacons, DE

  • Laurel, DE

  • Gumboro, DE

  • Whitesville, DE

Somerset County Maryland
  • Eden, MD

  • Princess Anne, MD

  • Mt. Vernon, MD

  • West Pocomoke, MD

  • Kingston, MD

  • Marion Station, MD

  • Crisfield, MD