Our Memory Care Program in Willards, MD

A peaceful and serene senior living facility, Chesapeake Manor Assisted Living is the premier choice for Maryland residents in need of Alzheimer’s care. The caretakers in our memory care program serve residents who have trouble handling daily tasks themselves.

The use of memory care programs has allowed older adults to put their energy towards other things rather than taking care of basic necessities. With the national average of assisted living beds breaking the one million bed mark, it’s apparent that proper memory care services need to be made more accessible to the total population.

Bringing Care to Willards, MD

Chesapeake Manor Assisted Living is here to answer this call and give those with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or any other memory loss condition the support they deserve.

Alzheimer’s care isn’t a small task to take on, as memory care requires specialized training and education.
Our team of assisted living medical experts and compassionate caretakers is what makes Chesapeake Manor Assisted Living the most appropriate facility for your loved one.

The Community of Chesapeake Manor Includes:

  • Attractive landscaping
  • Large, comfortable Living Area
  • Multiple outdoor sanctuaries
  • Well lit, open, “home-like” atmosphere
  • Warm, welcoming atmosphere
  • Relaxing dining area

A Holistic Approach to Memory Care

Memory and dementia care are about more than simply treating symptoms and keeping residents safe. We want to make sure our residents are treated as unique individuals and that our staff truly get to know each resident on a personal level.

We help them, rather than direct them, throughout their daily activities, incorporating memory care services where they naturally fit into assisted living.

Support Comes From All Angles

As one of the top Alzheimer’s care facilities in Willards, Chesapeake Manor gives your family a safe and responsible community to entrust with even your loved ones.

Our staff gets to know each resident on a personal level, with team members knowing the living routines and personal preferences of the residents they work with.

Creating strong communities allows for dementia and Alzheimer’s care to have a stronger effect on promoting mental and spiritual growth.

Being There for Your Family at All Times

Alzheimer’s disease requires constant access to memory c