Assisted Living in Wicomico County, Maryland

16 Private Suites
1:8 Staff-to-Resident Ratio
24/7 Registered Nurse and Care Available

Not all assisted living facilities are the same. Chesapeake Manor offers multiple levels of care, ensuring all individuals have access to the support they need to thrive. Available services include assisted living, memory care, respite care and end-of-life care, all provided in a serene setting.

If a family member needs assisted living in Wicomico County, Maryland, learn more about how we can help.

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Whether you’re a primary caregiver or a concerned family member, it’s natural to wonder about the medical care, daily activities and physical environment of an assisted living facility. At Chesapeake Manor, we’re dedicated to providing a dignified living environment for older adults. We have 16 private suites, ensuring every resident has just the right balance of privacy and opportunities for socialization.

Personalized Services at Our Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities offer a wide range of personalized services, and Chesapeake Manor is no exception. We maintain a 1-to-8 staff-to-resident ratio, ensuring every resident receives ongoing support. Our assisted living program also comes with personalized care plans based on each resident’s unique needs.

Unlike many residential facilities, Chesapeake Manor has low staff turnover, making it easier for each resident to form close relationships with employees. At night, we also have two awake staff members at all times to enhance resident safety.

All health care professionals receive specialized training before providing residential care, ensuring each resident receives medical and personal care based on current best practices. Topics covered include the physiology of aging, fall prevention, care for seniors in the early stages of dementia and the importance of good nutrition in older adults.

Our assisted living program includes multiple amenities to keep your loved one comfortable, such as beauty and barber services, activities and beautifully landscaped grounds.

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Memory Care: A Safe Haven for Residents With Dementia

Chesapeake Manor also offers memory care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. If you think of a memory care unit as a locked area in a hospital or nursing home, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the memory care facilities at Chesapeake Manor. We offer a homelike atmosphere for older adults with memory loss, helping each resident avoid the stress of living in a clinical environment.

At our memory care home, seniors also have ongoing access to compassionate caretakers. Staff members have advanced training and education in providing dementia care, ensuring every person receives the right combination of services.

Unlike a traditional memory care facility, Chesapeake Manor offers private living quarters, giving every resident space to decompress if they don’t feel like socializing. We also have comfortable community spaces for sharing meals, chatting about life or spending time with family members.

Best of all, Chesapeake Manor takes a holistic approach to dementia care. Staff have the education and training needed to recognize physical and mental health issues, ensuring the total well-being of every resident.

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Enhancing Life With Our Holistic Approach to Care

For seniors in memory care units, a holistic approach addresses physical, social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual needs. Staff strive to offer engaging activities, ensuring residents get as much physical exercise as possible. Regular exercise makes it easier to perform activities of daily living and avoid some of the negative physical changes associated with aging.

As part of our senior care program, we also offer activities to stimulate the mind and help residents form lasting relationships. Because we have such a low staff-to-resident ratio, we get to know what residents like and offer activities tailored to their preferences. Because we’re so committed to improving each resident’s quality of life, we also offer transportation and other services to maximize each person’s engagement.

Respite Care Services: Providing Relief for Primary Caregivers

Even if your loved one doesn’t need assisted living or another type of long-term care, they may benefit from the respite care services provided by Chesapeake Manor. Respite care gives primary caregivers and other family members a much-needed break from caregiving while ensuring their loved ones receive top-notch care.

Respite care is ideal if you require assistance while on vacation or during particularly busy periods in your life. No matter how long your loved one stays with us, they get to enjoy many assisted living benefits, such as specialized care, regular mental stimulation, health monitoring and opportunities to socialize with other residents.

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End-of-Life Care: Dignity and Comfort

Some seniors have life-limiting conditions that cause pain or fatigue. For these seniors, Chesapeake Manor offers compassionate end-of-life care services, which address the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of adults with life-limiting conditions. Such care goes beyond traditional assisted living options, ensuring every resident benefits from consistency and a sense of familiarity.

Staff also have the knowledge and skills needed to support families through this difficult time. We use a shared decision-making model, ensuring each resident retains as much freedom and autonomy as possible. You may benefit from participating in support groups or talking with other people whose loved ones are in long-term care. Ultimately, our goal is to allow every person to receive care aligned with their values and personal preferences.

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Chesapeake Manor Assisted Living offers senior care to the following areas:

Worcester County Maryland
  • Ocean Pines, MD

  • Ocean City, MD

  • Whaleyville, MD

  • Showell, MD

  • Bishop, MD

  • Bishopville, MD

  • Sinepuxant, MD

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