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Abbey Manor is situated just off White Hall Road at Rte 213, about a mile south of Rte. 40, within 5-20 minutes’ drive time from the Cecil County communities of Elkton, Eldersburg, Rising Sun, Northeast, Port Deposit, Chesapeake City, and Cecilton; Wilmington, Delaware; and the central Delaware communities of Bear, Glasgow, Newark, Newcastle, Middletown, and Christiana. Our address is One Colonial Manor Court, Elkton, MD 21921.

Abbey Manor is licensed to provide Levels I, II and III of assisted living care. New residents are admitted at levels I and II. In many cases, if you provide us with a summary of the candidate’s health status and assistance needs, we can offer a good “guestimate” as to whether he or she would be appropriate for assisted living or other type of care. However, a full assessment is required for admission.

During the application process, candidates are assessed according to guidelines developed by the State of Maryland Office of Health Care. The assessment is based on information provided by the applicant’s doctor and on an evaluation by Abbey Manor staff. It includes the individual’s overall health status, physical limitations, number of diagnoses, number of medications, types of monitoring required, types of assistance with activities of daily living (ADL’s), and cognitive status.

If you would like to know more about the State-mandated assessment process, please visit the following website:

The Level of Care reflects the individual’s need for assistance (both physical and cognitive) and monitoring, and thereby determines his or her monthly cost. It also serves as the basis for the resident’s detailed plan of care.

All Abbey Manor residents are re-assessed at least twice a year and after any kind of medical event, such as a hospitalization. Many residents will need more care over time, although some may need less if when they first arrive, they are recovering from some kind of injury or illness.

The Entrance Fee is a one-time fee charged by most professionally-managed assisted living facilities. It supports buildings and grounds maintenance and improvement.

Abbey Manor’s rates tend to be lower than those of similar communities in the region. We strongly encourage all applicants and their families to investigate and compare all rates and fees – as well as services and amenities covered by those rates and fees – in facilities they are considering

Abbey Manor does not charge extra for medication administration, laundry or housekeeping, or for “basic” cable tv. Residents do pay for their own medication, toiletries and supplies, and they may arrange for private telephone service in their suites by calling a local provider such as: Verizon.

Abbey Manor provides residential care and health care oversight, but not medical care per se. Residents continue to see their own doctors or choose to see our house doctor, and our health care services staff works in partnership with the individual, his or her family, and his or her doctors to maintain optimal health.

Abbey Manor residents may have a doctor’s order for PT and therapists come to the community to work with them. For those who need therapy in a rehab setting, Elkton Care and Rehabilitation is just across from us, also on Price Drive, and we provide transportation to and from therapy sessions.

Respite care is a temporary stay of 10-30 days. Abbey Manor provides respite care on a space- available basis. The cost, which is paid in its entirety at move-in, is determined by a daily rate that is higher than the daily rates for permanent residents at any Level of Care, but respite move-ins are not charged the Entrance Fee. For a variety of reasons, residents who begin on a respite care basis often convert to permanent status.

We will work with you and his or her doctor/s to obtain the necessary information for the assessment. Once the decision has been made for a move to Abbey Manor, we will assist you in locating a doctor who can be his or her new health care practitioner if needed.

If there is a suite available, this depends on the response of the applicant’s doctor in providing the requisite information. The State of Maryland Office of Health Care Quality requires that all candidates for assisted living be assessed using a State form. We will need written permission to obtain the applicant’s medical information from the doctor via fax. If we have a suite available and we receive all of the doctor’s paperwork promptly, a person usually can move in within 5-7 working days. If we are full, an applicant for permanent resident can submit a priority deposit to be assured being offered the next available suite.

We encourage families to plan ahead for a transition to assisted living rather than wait until there is some event, for example, an injury, that makes it impossible for an elderly person to continue in his or her recent living circumstances.

The decision to place an individual in a dementia care setting as opposed to assisted living is based on a number of factors, including judgment, safety, and dignity as well as memory. A person with mild memory loss often can do very well in assisted living, and studies indicate that more than half of all assisted living residents do have some degree of cognitive loss. Being in a structured assisted living environment greatly eases the stress and risk that might be present if the person were to continue living independently. Placement in a focused dementia care program is appropriate in cases where there is wandering risk; risk of injury (to oneself or others); inappropriate social behavior; or other signs of significant cognitive decline.

We offer a variety of activities that involve group participation and one-on-one interactions. These include games, contests, discussion groups, craft and decorating projects.

Live entertainment — including musical performances, visiting pets, children’s groups from area schools — is scheduled as time permits. We also welcome church groups and other volunteers who generously share their time, talents and interests with our residents. Our van enables us to take residents who are able on scenic drives, picnics, and shopping trips, as well as, to cultural and outdoor events.

Where circumstances allow, yes. In some cases, residents do stay with us through the end of their lives. This is possible in situations where the care requirements are within the capabilities of the community as determined by Maryland State licensing regulations. Additionally, residents whose health status qualifies for hospice care can be assisted at Abbey Manor by nursing support from local hospice organizations.

There are situations, however, in which a resident’s care needs increase beyond the licensed capabilities of Abbey Manor. In this event, we work closely with the resident and/or family members to find the best alternative and promote a smooth transition to the new facility.

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