Looking for the right assisted living facility near Chestertown, Maryland? Finding senior living arrangements for your aging parent to call home isn’t without challenges. You want to make sure they receive the utmost care from skilled caregivers, of course, but you also want them to feel welcomed and cared for in a senior community by people they trust.

At Abbey Manor, we go above and beyond to make sure we provide the very best in every facet of our residents’ lives. Our caregivers focus on knowing and bonding with every individual who lives in one of our 16 senior housing suites. From support and safety to nutrition and exercise, we take a holistic approach to providing more than great care — we offer a warm and welcoming senior living experience.

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Comfort and Happiness

Looking at senior living communities near Chestertown is challenging. While it’s important that your loved ones feel safe and cared for in the senior housing you choose, there’s more to it than that. Your loved ones should have a sense of well-being in their senior housing, a welcome feeling present in every space of their new home. Safe and comfortable senior living in a nurturing environment is an important factor when looking at continuing care retirement communities for someone you love.

At Abbey Manor, we pride ourselves on the personal relationships we have with all our residents. As a smaller senior living community with limited senior housing, we provide greater quality assisted living care on a personalized level. You won’t find this kind of focus at other assisted living facilities. And it’s not only our skilled caregivers — our entire staff works hard to build a bond of trust with every resident. It’s what your aging parent deserves in a senior living environment.

The perfect senior living communities take more than skilled medical staff to keep their residents both healthy and happy. True well-being comes from a holistic assisted living approach that touches every aspect of life.

Skilled and Focused Care

Skilled and focused careAt Abbey Manor, we also pride ourselves on our small size. It helps our skilled assisted living specialists learn the routines and tastes of every resident, strengthening the bond of trust. Our focused approach on each individual means our experienced staff can provide the highest quality assisted living facility possible.

It also means we can meet the unique needs of every individual, since no two people are the same. If your loved one requires special assistance with medications or physical assistance with daily life, our staff are ever-present. At the same time, we encourage seniors who value their independence.

We make every individual at our home facilities in Chestertown feel seen, heard and cared for, no matter their needs. It’s what makes Abbey Manor’s assisted living community feel like home for our residents.

Here are just a few ways we can make your loved one’s new home near Chestertown, MD, more comfortable:

Assisted Living

Our team of professional caregivers near Chestertown, MD, focuses on the individual needs of every resident at Abbey Manor. This helps us maintain an exceptionally high standard of senior care, enabling a high level of assisted living with all your loved one’s daily activities.

We provide these services and many more:

  • Medication administration
  • Blood sugar maintenance and diabetes senior care
  • Monitoring nutrition and hydration
  • Mobility assistance and fall prevention throughout the senior living facility
  • Daily assisted living care, including cleaning and bathing

Special Care for Those With Dementia

If your aging parent needs assisted living for dementia or Alzheimer’s, finding the right home near Chestertown, MD, that provides the care they need is especially challenging. At Abbey Manor, our team offers a superior level of care and assisted living facilities to individuals with these diseases. With specially trained caregivers to help with everyday life and provide stimulating memory activities, you can rest assured your loved one has the care they need at Abbey Manor.

Short-Term Care

In some cases, your loved one only needs a little help after an accident or surgery. In these instances, we provide short-term assisted living facilities near Chestertown, MD, to individuals who require a little extra care while they heal. Whether it’s for a few days, a few weeks or even a few months, Abbey Manor is happy to provide temporary homes with quality care in our happy community.

There’s an Activity for Everyone at Abbey Manor

It’s important that seniors engage in regular exercise and other stimulating activities to keep their bodies healthy, minds spry and hearts happy. As part of our focused and holistic approach, we provide a range of regular activities to please every kind of person. Here are just a few:

  • Neighborhood walks on nice days
  • Game and movie nights in the living room
  • A range of arts and craft activities

Our home also features an amazing enclosed porch where our residents can relax with visiting friends and family. They’ll also experience countless pleasant moments in the living area, whether it’s a cup of tea or coffee, reading a book or magazine or challenging a neighbor to a game of dominoes. Residents can also watch the news, catch a movie or even sing along to the piano on music nights.

On nice days, our residents enjoy the use of the patio for fresh air, sunshine and exercise. Other times, everyone heads out to one of the venues in the area, such as the local theater. And on the really nice days, picnics are in order at the local park. It’s difficult to find dull senior living moments at Abbey Manor.

Delicious Meals With Personalized Menus

Senior man waiting for his mealAt Abbey Manor, you won’t find a generic cafeteria or hotel restaurant like you do in other assisted living facilities near Chestertown, MD. We designed the entire dining room in our assisted living facility to create a welcoming atmosphere that truly feels like home. The intention isn’t to just provide healthy meals — we strive to nourish souls and help residents form lasting memories when they dine with their friends, families and neighbors.

We serve three generous home-cooked meals every day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also adapt our menu according to the tastes or dietary restrictions of our residents, ever vigilant with our personalized approach. The kitchen staff and our partner providers at Abbey Manor work hard every day to ensure residents eat healthy, nourishing and delicious meals at our Chestertown, MD, assisted living facilities.

The Best Retirement Community Near Chestertown, MD

Abbey Manor provides a peaceful and pleasant environment, trained staff available 24 hours a day and everything your loved one needs to feel safe, happy and cared for in Chestertown, MD. Our assisted living facility has the very best in senior living options and living facilities.

If you haven’t found the right home for your aging parent, we invite you to visit Abbey Manor. See for yourself the difference a small and focused staff with a holistic assisted living approach can make in the lives of all our residents. Get in touch with our senior living specialists and schedule your tour today. You can call us here: ​​(443) 256-4871.

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