Making sure your aging parents get the professional care they deserve in a safe, comfortable environment is your highest priority when looking at facilities near Havre de Grace. This is why you’ll settle for nothing less than the perfect senior living facility in Havre De Grace, MD.

At Abbey Manor, our professional senior care providers go to great lengths to provide exceptional care, safety and support to all our seniors in Havre De Grace. Our small size helps us truly form bonds with your family and give them the personalized care and attention they deserve. And we’ve spared no expense on the comfort of our senior living solutions, housing 16 private suites in two beautiful facilities that provide all the comforts of home.

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Going The Extra Step

We know how important it is to exceed every expectation you have for your loved one’s well-being. As a smaller senior living community in the Havre De Grace area, we provide a level of care to our residents that isn’t available at larger assisted living facilities or nursing homes. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to assisted living that excels across every measure. Because that’s what your loved one deserves — more than a nursing home.

Finding a senior housing facility for your family member in Havre De Grace, MD is about much more than providing them with skilled caregivers and assisted living. While the personal care from our staff is exceptional, we know that true health and well-being from assisted living comes from holistic consideration of every facet of daily life.

Our Professional Caregivers, Your Extended Family

providing the highest quality careAt Abbey Manor, the small size and focused staff of our senior community help us form lasting bonds with our seniors. It helps us focus on providing the highest quality care we can while also enabling us to meet every resident’s unique needs. We want your family member to feel like a member of our family in our assisted living facilities.

At the end of the day, we go to great lengths to make every resident feel safely cared for, comfortable and happy. Here are some of the ways we can care for your loved one.

Assisted Living

Our team of professional caregivers focuses on the individual needs of every resident at Abbey Manor. This helps us maintain an exceptionally high standard of care in Havre De Grace, MD. It allows us to assist with all your loved one’s daily activities and provide the best in senior living options. At the same time, we know many seniors value their independence.

We provide all these services and more:

  • Diabetes care
  • Ambulatory assistance and fall prevention
  • Hydration and nutrition monitoring

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Support

Individuals near Havre De Grace suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s require a special level of senior care, personalized to their needs. Our caring staff provides additional support — and empathetic understanding — for seniors living with these diseases. In addition to nursing needs, we help them socialize safely while encouraging them to engage in activities to stimulate their memory and senses.

Short-Term Care in Havre De Grace

Hospitals aren’t the best environment for recovery and convalescence. Finding a comfortable, high-quality senior living environment is crucial to healing and recuperation. For older adults who just need a little help after an accident or surgery, we provide short-term respite care. Whether it’s for a few days, a few months or longer durations, we’re always happy to welcome newcomers near Havre De Grace, MD. to our safe and caring community.

A Home Away From Home Near Havre De Grace

You know how much of an impact comfort and security play in making you feel safe and happy. One of the most important factors for you is the quality of the living facilities where your loved one spends much of their time. Their security, comfort and happiness are at the top of your mind. You want to give them a place they’ll truly call home.

When your family member joins our’s at Abbey Manor, they enjoy a private suite of their very own. To provide them with a comfortable home, it comes equipped with a bathroom, a walk-in shower and many other amenities. They’ll enjoy heating and air conditioning, cable television and even regular housekeeping services to help keep their home clean and cozy. We also encourage our seniors to bring whatever they’d like to help make their living space more comfortable in our assisted living facilities.

Moreover, the serenity of our assisted living facility in Havre De Grace, MD, is apparent from the moment you pull in. Our residents regularly enjoy visits from family and friends, chatting and laughing in the assisted living areas or taking a meal in the dining room. And in the evenings, our seniors wind down by sharing a movie with their community. In the mornings, they can safely watch the rising sun from the enclosed porch.

A Unique Dining Experience

Your loved one’s nutrition is no less important than their comfort and care. At our assisted living facilities in Havre De Grace, our kitchen staff is just as dedicated to your family member’s health and happiness as our caregivers are. They give the utmost attention to crafting delicious daily meals that nourish bodies and enliven taste buds. Partaking in meals served three times daily in our comfortable dining area, all our residents are healthy and satisfied.

Engaging Activities in a Lively Environment

Senior doing arts and crafts at the assisted living facilityRegularly engaging in stimulating activities is crucial for high-quality senior care and healthful assisted living. Doing so helps keep their minds sharp, their bodies healthy and their hearts happy. We take this as no less than a fact at Abbey Manor, providing an assortment of regular daily living activities for every kind of senior. Here are just a few of them:

  • Neighborhood walks on lovely days
  • Movie and game nights
  • An assortment of arts and crafts
  • Music and singing

We also take regular outings to venues in the area near Havre De Grace, Maryland, such as cultural attractions, the local theater and other nearby communities. A lively and delicious group picnic isn’t uncommon at Abbey Manor either. We know how important it is for individuals to engage in physically, mentally and socially stimulating activities, which is why we provide a senior assisted living environment filled with endless activities.

The Best Senior Living in Havre De Grace, MD

If you haven’t yet found the very best in senior care for your loved one in Havre De Grace and nearby cities, we’re confident your search ends at the front door of Abbey Manor. Personalized care from professional caregivers, delicious and nourishing meals, a welcoming community and all the comforts they could want await your family member at our assisted living facility. We’re ready to welcome your loved one home to our retirement community. To request info or schedule a tour, get in touch with us today. You can call us here: ​​(443) 256-4871.

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