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It takes great attention, selflessness and dedication to serve as a primary caregiver. Caring for a loved one is not an easy task. Oftentimes it can take both a physical and emotional toll on the person providing care. 

Maybe a caregiver needs a break and there’s no one to take their place. Alternatively, maybe the cared-for individual recently came back from a hospital stay and temporarily needs more support than that caregiver can provide. In these and other scenarios where the caregiver needs a little help, respite care is the perfect solution.

What Is Respite Care?

Many people think their only choices are long-term residence at an assisted living home or caring personally for an elder. With respite care, you have a middle-of-the-road option that gives you access to professional care at the level you need. At Catered Living, you can check into respite care for a matter of days up to a maximum length of a month. This is suitable for many common care needs, and you might also consider using it for a trial run.

How Respite Care Can Help You

There are many cases where you might want to consider respite care, ranging from giving a caregiver a break to dealing with rehabilitation. Anytime you need help, respite care is a natural choice to find support on your terms. The main advantage is its flexibility, as respite care doesn’t come with long-term obligations like traditional assisted living stays.

Relieve a Beleaguered Primary Caregiver

Taking care of another person’s needs can be quite challenging, and it’s normal to need relief now and then. Not getting this relief can have negative consequences for someone’s mental health and concentration, which isn’t good for the carer or the cared-for. Giving a caregiver some time to take a vacation and unwind ultimately makes both parties happier, and a short respite care stay is the perfect solution here.

Access Greater Level of Care

Illness and injury can intensify someone’s care needs beyond a normal level. When this happens, a caregiver might find themselves being pushed beyond what they’re capable of.

Alternatively, a greater level of care might be necessary for a while until the senior completes their recovery. In these cases, respite care gives you access to the expertise and support of an entire assisted living home to make it through difficult periods. When their recovery is done and care becomes more manageable, you can end the respite care stay.

Test a Respite Care Home Before Moving In

As time passes, it can become increasingly impractical for a primary caregiver to continue helping an elder. In these cases, it may be necessary to start planning to move an individual to assisted living. However, choosing a home is an important decision that can affect someone’s quality of life for years.

Leaving can be quite costly, and it might feel like you have to choose blindly. However, you can use respite care as a way to take a trial run of a home without needing to commit to a longer-term lease. With this first impression, you can commit to one assisted living home or another with greater confidence.

Respite Care at Catered Living

At Catered Living, we appreciate that the quality of life of our permanent and temporary residents rests with us. To this end, we take many measures to protect their comfort and safety while helping them feel fulfilled and happy.

Excellent Quality of Life

Being comfortable and homelike is one of the most important goals for an assisted living home to achieve. At Catered Living, we provide many opportunities for recreation and arrange programs to engage residents. Above all, we’re proud of the warm, inviting community we’ve worked to build here. During a stay, you can count on amenities and services like:

  • Unwind with a book by our floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace
  • Take a walk through beautifully landscaped outdoor areas
  • Enjoy three delicious, fresh meals each day plus snacks
  • Relax in your spacious private room and prepare food as you wish in your private kitchenette
  • Weekly housekeeping services plus linen and laundry
  • Interesting social activities of every type — feel emotionally, spiritually and mentally engaged

Thorough Safety Features

The Catered Living team has designed our interior spaces to be not just livable but as safe as possible for older individuals. Some key safety measures we take include:

  • Grab bars in bathrooms to help ensure safe toileting and showering
  • Shower benches for comfort and ease
  • Wall-to-wall carpet to reduce tripping hazards
  • Support from a 24/7 available staff
  • Our staff has the training to deal with various emergencies, such as fire, natural disasters and missing persons
  • Personal alarms available on request

An Emphasis on Health

We’re ready when our residents have greater-than-average health needs. Not only do we have well-trained staff members on-site 24/7, but we have important medical equipment on-site as well.

  • Registered nurse available on-call at all times
  • Routine visits from a house doctor with additional, Medicare-covered visits as needed
  • Medication management as a part of basic cost
  • Mobile labs and X-ray services
Respite care services

Reach Out to Catered Living

At Catered Living, we’re committed to providing the best in health, safety and quality of life for our residents. Our respite care program is a perfect example of this, and we’re ready to help with whatever your needs may be. Reach out today to learn more and get started on planning your stay.


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