Assisted living communities offer 24/7 supervision and assistance with activities of daily living and levels of care for seniors, making them a popular senior living option. Before you choose a facility, it’s important to take a tour and find out what services are available to residents. Consult this list of questions to ask when touring assisted living facilities each time you meet with a tour guide.

Top Questions to Ask When Touring Assisted Living Facilities

Monthly Fees and Billing

It’s important to gather as much financial information as possible to ensure your loved one can plan ahead for their expenses. During your assisted living tour, ask the following questions about fees and billing:

  • What does the monthly cost of care include?
  • Does the assisted living community have more than one billing option available?
  • Is there any type of financial aid available?
  • Does the senior living community require residents to purchase any real estate?
  • Are there any pricing incentives or move-in specials available?


Senior couple inquiring about the assisted living community.


Dining Services

Good nutrition is essential to help seniors maintain their energy levels and stay as active as possible. Unfortunately, many older adults are deficient in vitamins and minerals due to poor eating habits, denture use and other factors. Ask these questions to determine how well an assisted living community meets its residents’ nutritional needs:

  • Are residents actively encouraged to submit menu ideas?
  • When is the dining room open?
  • Are multiple dining options available?
  • Does the community offer a special dining program for residents who need to adjust their diets for religious or health reasons?
  • Are residents permitted to take food out of the dining rooms?
  • Do residents have access to snacks between meals?
  • How many meals per day are included in the monthly fee?
  • Does the senior living community allow family members to dine with their loved ones when they visit?
  • Are dining services staff willing to accommodate special requests?


One of the many benefits of moving to an assisted living facility is that residents have access to almost everything they need in one place. That said, residents need some way to get to doctor’s appointments, theater performances and other off-site activities. Here’s what you should ask about transportation:

  • Is transportation one of the services included in the monthly cost of care?
  • Does the community offer transportation services on a regular schedule, or do residents have to request a ride in advance?
  • Does the senior living community have a wheelchair-accessible van or bus?
  • Is there a limit to the number of miles traveled in a single trip?
  • Do staff members escort residents to and from appointments?

Health Care Services

Senior living communities don’t offer 24/7 care like nursing homes do, but they often provide health care services to help residents prevent illness and address their existing medical problems. If your loved one has any health concerns, ask these questions:

  • Can residents receive home health care visits while residing at the assisted living facility?
  • Does the community have an in-house physician?
  • Do residents have access to physical therapy, occupational therapy and other health services?
  • What types of medication management services are available?
  • Does the facility offer memory care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other causes of memory loss?
  • Is hospice care or end-of-life care available for residents with terminal illnesses?


Young female care provider checking senior woman's blood pressure


On-Site Activities

Socializing and staying active can help seniors avoid loneliness, isolation and chronic health problems. That’s why it’s important to find an assisted living center with a full activities schedule. Here’s what you should ask assisted living communities about their offerings:

  • Does the community offer group exercise classes or one-on-one fitness training?
  • How many religious services are offered each week?
  • Does the community have special events for holidays?
  • Do residents have access to cooking demonstrations, lectures and other on-site activities designed to improve their well-being?
  • Does the assisted living community plan off-site events for residents, such as trips to local museums or theaters?


Each state has detailed regulations governing staffing at assisted living communities. Depending on where you live, a community may have to hire staff members with specific credentials, conduct regular background checks or meet other requirements designed to keep residents safe. To get a feel for the quality of the care provided at an assisted living community, ask these questions:

  • How many residents are supervised by one staff member?
  • Are staff trained to provide memory care or other specialized services?
  • Does the facility conduct background checks before hiring new employees?
  • How much training does each staff member receive before working directly with residents?
  • Do employees have to complete continuing education requirements each year?

Living Quarters

Before you commit to taking an assisted living tour, it’s important to find out what your loved one can expect in terms of private living quarters and common spaces. Here are some questions to help you get the information you need:

  • Does the community have private or shared rooms?
  • Do residents have access to a full kitchen or kitchenette?
  • Is furniture provided, or do residents have to bring their own?
  • Are common areas accessible 24 hours per day, or do residents have to use them during specific hours?
  • Where do residents gather when they want to socialize instead of staying in their rooms?
  • Are well-lit walking paths available to residents who enjoy exercising outdoors?


A group of senior ladies are gathered together, all wearing big smiles on their faces.


Resident Satisfaction

If you have a chance to talk to current residents during your assisted living tour, ask the following questions to determine if they feel satisfied with their care.

  • What do you enjoy about living here?
  • Are you happy with the number of assisted living options available here?
  • Do you feel the facility has a good reputation in the surrounding community?
  • If you could improve one thing about your daily living, what would it be?

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